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We’re pioneering a new category at the crossroads of fintech, small business and financial service institutions.

We are out to change the landscape of financial performance at all levels of commerce— forever. Our applied, predictive financial analytics system revolutionizes how financial information and knowledge is accessed, distributed, and used. We take the financial analysis function out of the back room and bring that intelligence to Main street, enabling any commercial enterprise to achieve new heights of success they didn’t think possible.

Our Approach

Four Core Principles Sit at the Heart of Everything We Do


You CAN handle the truth.

At RAI Stone Group, we’re about facing facts. Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it still works today. We don’t make excuses or lament when things go awry, we learn from what the evidence tells us.


Question everything – quickly, efficiently and factually.

We want to revolutionize the way that financial service providers work with their SMB customers. We know that balancing legacy solutions and new ways of operating means leading the way.


Financials as a roadmap for success instead of treadmill of frustration.

No need for multiple modules, process disruptions, or lengthy learning. Who has the time for that? Just click, drag and drop what you use every day. Let our proprietary expert system translate each analysis into a language that all of your business users will understand.


Give control back to those who can change the future.

Financial knowledge has been a domain expertise, like a medicine or mechanics. Isn't it time to ask questions... and expect direct answers?

What Makes Us Different

Distinguishing Factors of RAI Stone Analytics Software

Read the Signs

Face to face meetings are less common these days, which makes it hard to keep your finger on the pulse of all your small business customers. And, while you may receive quarterly financial updates, those only give you information about where the company has been. They can't provide a blueprint for where they’re going.

With RAI Stone Analytics, you overcome these hurdles. Our predictive analytics system automatically examines patterns and relationships in your customers’ numbers and transforms that data into forward-looking knowledge about each business.

Now when your customer or prospect doesn’t have time to meet with you, you can still get the expert knowledge you need to monitor risk, offer relevant products and services the system tells you they’re ready for, or simply reach out with suggestions about the direction they’re heading. They’ll be thrilled to know you have their back.

Make Every Decision Count

It’s a snap to build a roadmap to show your customers how to unlock their growth potential and find the money to reach their goals. RAI Stone Analytics’ dynamic modeling cuts through complex spreadsheet models and graphs (that take a deep finance expertise to manipulate and understand) and quickly shows them how the choices they make today will impact their company in the future.

Cement your position as an essential resource your business customer can’t do without. Help them answer critical business questions, such as whether to expand locations, add salespeople, or offer a new product line. In less than 15 minutes you can show how each choice impacts their cash flow, profit, and overall financial stability. Let them see how those options compare to each other so they make the best decision for their future. Now when you offer additional products and services. Your suggestions make sense and they will decide quickly.

Eliminate the Busywork

The time spent entering, validating, and manipulating data can never be recovered. Meanwhile, regulatory reporting, credit analyses, and account management activities stall for lack of time and relevant information. RAI Stone Analytics eliminates that bottleneck with today’s more efficient technology.

Now you can spend more time with the information you need to make critical customer decisions because our system automatically integrates the electronic data you provide. No more keying in data and finding errors too late. Our system validates and formats the data to provide the financial performance information you need to satisfy customers, shareholders, and governance agencies.

It’s no longer necessary to wade through complex software setups, lengthy trainings, or process disruptions to get the benefits of data analytics. Instead, use our safe, secure, cloud-based system for maximum return on your time.

Empower Your Customers - NOW

When and where you meet with your prospects and customers is becoming a fluid experience. The rising costs of compliance and a mobile workforce have redefined how advisors and customers interact. With face-to-face meetings becoming less and less common, keep the communication channels open by accessing the RAI Stone Analytics reports on a secure cloud platform, anywhere there’s an internet connection, on most mobile devices.

In a recent survey, over 73% of small business owners said they wanted more business and financial advice from their banker. Bring your customers the value they want. Use RAI Stone Analytics® to deliver valuable insights, deepen relationships with clients, position you as an indispensable growth partner and lift revenue for you and your clients.

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