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Business happens at lightening speed these days, and your guidance has never been more important for small business customers who want to stay ahead. But how are you supposed to know what's happening in their businesses when you don't see them frequently? How do you build a relationship and a history with them?

Industries We Serve
Community Banks

Community Banks

Since the Financial Crisis in 2007, Community Banks have experienced a series of challenges that threaten their ability to provide high touch service and products to small businesses. The rising costs of regulatory reporting, a more mobile customer base, and market uncertainty pose new demands on traditional ways of doing business as well as impact the availability of money for credit.

RAI Stone Analytics eases those pressures with knowledge that reduces financial uncertainty, creates more sales opportunities, and deepens existing relationships.

Econonmic Agencies

Economic Development Agencies

Communities thrive when resident businesses are successful. That success acts like a magnet for companies outside your borders and for new business creation. But it's not an easy task to provide the guidance and resources that growing businesses require when you are working with limited staff, tight budgets, or need newer technical skillsets to round out your toolkit.

Expand your capacity with RAI Stone Analytics, a new breed of technology that assesses a small business's financial performance to reveal actionable strategies you can immediately use to guide your clients. Start each engagement with an assessment to make the best use of your time and resources, and guarantee the highest level of success in all your interactions.

Financial Planners

Financial Planners

In a time when Financial Planners are often asked to play the role of fast transactional “order takers” to meet competitor advertised rates, the key to customer loyalty and satisfaction lies in being a trusted advisor. In our highly complex world, it is nearly impossible to maintain an expertise in multiple fields. But, that doesn't eliminate the demands on a financial planners' time to understand their client's capital structure or re-balance objectives because of new market pressures.

When you develop a plan that includes wealth created from a business, you add new value to that relationship. With RAI Stone Analytics, you can now show your clients how their business impacts their personal plans. Give them the ability to see how changes they want to make to the business will affect their financial futures so they can decide whether or not that's the direction they want to go.

Accounting Firms

Accounting Firms

Interactions between small businesses and their CPAs are often brief and infrequent, most often around tax time and for quarterly filings. This puts accountants under a lot of pressure to provide the highest value possible, with the limited time they have, to please their price sensitive clients.

Integrate RAI Stone Analytics into annual tax planning strategies for meaningful, high value reports your small business clients will use year round. You can go beyond industry comparisons, projected financials, and ratio analyses with the power of predictive analytics. Show your clients the direction they're headed with graphics and language they will understand immediately. Enjoy meaningful conversations on cash flow, profitability and value growth that clients will appreciate and follow.

Come as a leader, leave as an innovator.

Case Studies

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  • Read The Signs

    Gain a deeper understanding of the link between portfolio risk/reward models and watch for events that can put capital at risk.

  • Make Every Decision Count

    Cement your position as an essential resource your business customers can't do without. In less than 15 minutes, show them the impacts of their decisions on cash flow, profit and overall financial stability.

  • Eliminate The Busywork

    No more keying in data and finding errors too late. Our system validates and formats the data to provide the financial performance information you need to satisfy customers, shareholders and governance agencies.

  • Empower Your Customers - NOW

    Taking advantage of new business opportunities begins with knowledge. Give your customers that advantage with intelligence that’s effortless and profitable. Become an indispensable growth partner.

Read below what it's like to experience RAI Stone Analytics.


I have always refrained from being someone who runs things by numbers instead of my feelings, relationships, intuition and rationalization. I always have believed that numbers confused relationships more than enhanced them. But sitting here after going through the RAI Stone Analysis, I am learning that numbers are MERELY TOOLS to help me convert my hopes and wishes for myself, my business, and my customers into goals. The knowledge and wisdom in this report will actually help me achieve my goals.

Ron, Owner | Heritage Builders

RAI Stone Analytics helped us realize the needed to separate our operations. Since the different parts of the business had different profitability factors, it became clear to look at each division separately based on their distinct operations. From a controller’s point of view, RAI Stone Analytics helped me look at our operation from a cash basis, which stimulated conversation about how to improve cash flow. We then implemented some new procedures that were immediately successful.

John, Controller | Investigation and Security Company

We were growing fast and had made an out-of-state acquisition. We were doing more volume, but hadn't increased profitability. We weren't sure where to look for answers. Sam came in and gave us a fresh perspective. It was an enlightening experience. We discovered we were trying to cut costs in the wrong areas. After implementing her recommendations, we began to see improved profitability almost immediately. She is the most impactful consultant we have ever retained.

Paul, Owner | Investigation and Security Company

RAI Stone Analytics is a very cool process. It is like a magnifying glass: it amplifies the true essence of how I have to operate to make money. The information comes back as if it were in the future tense finances, sales, cash flow and other business information interact now and how it will in the future. Rosetta identifies what drives the business and how to move ahead. It has taken much of the guesswork out of decisions about the future, which provides confidence to move forward.

Mike, Owner | Clock Repair and Distribution

By using RAI Stone Analytics I discovered that most of the decisions I’d made based on instinct were correct —when to hire someone, purchase new equipment, move to a new office. RAI Stone Analytics confirmed that my decisions had, indeed, led to increased revenue and profits. Being in business is like being an athlete—you’re concentrating on playing the game, not keeping score. The scoreboard, your accounting books, keeps score. RAI Stone Analytics analyzed the books so I could focus on running my business. RAI Stone Analytics can provide the replay analysis of what just occurred, offer suggestions for changes or confirm the decision. RAI Stone Analytics can support a decision to hire, expand, etc., even when it may seem crazy to take the risk.

Judy, Owner | Architecture Firm

I have been in business for 30 years, and owned my own since 2004. I was aware that my books contained a picture of where my business has been, is now and could go, but didn’t know how to extract the information in a way that made it practical. The numbers told the story very clearly. RAI Stone Analytics translated the financial information I gathered over the years into a roadmap of future decisions that would lead to growth and continued profitability. It helped me get a better line of credit to support my growth when I switched bankers, because I was much better prepared to tell the new banker, in terms he understood, where I was going and how I was going to get to there. RAI Stone Analytics unlocks information in your books to highlight and define which decisions to make now and which to make later. RAI Stone Analytics have been valuable to me, and would be useful to any small business.

Tom, Owner | Industrial and Commercial Wholesale Lighting

Our company had seen significant growth over a two year cycle. We were asking ourselves what to do next. Do we stay the same and do more of what brought us the successful growth? Or do we add, grow and expand? And, how do we do it in a successful way. RAI Stone Analytics’ approach at analyzing historical data contained in our accounting books struck a chord with me. In whatever ways we expanded—hiring new people, expanding inventory, etc.—I wanted to be able to justify it with a dollar ratio. It provided financial statements based on the breakeven point of growth, expansion and hiring decisions. It showed us the affects on cash of implementing changes, and that’s what we needed to know to make the kinds of decisions we faced. As the company controller, it also helped me communicate growth, expansion and hiring topics to other decision makers.

Vickie, Controller | Electronics Design and Installation Company

I use this assessment technology to guide my directions and actions in going forward with my companies. I originally had this done by McGladrey at a cost of between 20 to 30 thousand. I found that this company could supply the report for about 10% of the cost of my CPA and was much more concise in areas that I wanted to be and in directions I wanted to go. This is the cheapest and best indicator on the health and direction of a company that I have found. I consider this a very good tool for the board at a very minimum cost. I also think it can be used by management and the board to answer some of the questions that analysts may ask in the future to where we are going and how we align with peer groups.

Board Member, NYSE Amex | Medical Device Company

My accountant looks at taxes and tells me where the business has been, but he isn’t strategic—most CPAs aren’t accustomed to projecting where the business is going. RAI Stone Analytics® modeled scenarios that helped us understand our options so we could make better decisions. For an outsider looking in, our business may not look too healthy. For example, we discovered we might have trouble getting a loan from a bank. But now with RAI Stone Analytics® insights, we know why and what to do to improve.

Dave, EVP | Property Management Firm

When you’re a small business owner/entrepreneur, you operate in a vacuum—what you know and think you know, that’s the direction you go. I would consider this company an exception because we create products that didn’t exist in the market before. But in terms of how we operate, that’s pretty normal. The findings gave me direction on where to focus our energy and resources first. The analysis gave me a feeling of ‘it’s ok to follow through on what I thought was right and what I wanted to do because there was financial support, verifiable reasons to do it. I can see that the company is more complex and I can’t fly by the seat of my pants anymore, no matter how successful that has been until now. Having a clear goal made it easy to make the changes.

Doug, President | Athletics Training Device Manufacturer

We used RAI Stone Analytics as part of a pilot program to bring more valuable services to our clients. RAI Stone provided my client with a clear picture of his company’s profitability and growth potential for 2 new expansion projects he was considering. It also showed potential cash flow and use of funds to give them a good handle on the company’s growth and how to achieve their goals......The client was very impressed with the results and how well RAI Stone understood its market and business. They have implemented the recommendations and it took our discussion to a different level. My business...is growing and deepening as a result of using RAI Stone Analytics®. I recommend using RAI Stone Analytics with every client needing to make a critical decision.

Kelly, Principal | Insurance Agency and Broker

My experience with the RAI Stone Analytics service has been amazing. I’ve been blown away with the personalized attention I receive from start to finish. I honestly feel they are curious about my clients and pay attention to the differences that make each one unique. They aligned their results to address the strategic goals my client and I developed and talked me through it before formally delivering the report, which I thought was so respectful of my process. I like that the format was conversational and the document had a lot of text in addition to graphs and charts…for me, as a strategist without a lot of financial background, I can work with a lot of complex concepts and information but I have to translate those to make them clear for my clients. It was easy because my clients know the numbers but rarely how they fit into planning for strategic growth. I’ll be using this service for a long time to come! What I love about your tool is it enhances my own offering. It’s been truly remarkable how much more in sync my clients and I are when we start with the diagnostic.

As a strategy consultant, it’s common for me to have clients with many ideas about how to reach their goals. With RAI Stone Analytics, we can quickly narrow down the options and zero in on a solution that fits the resources they have available. Going forward, we have a focus on the future that is grounded in reality and has the best chance of success. Having this level of financial intelligence at my fingertips has made my solutions more relevant and the relationships with my clients more powerful and satisfying.

Sandra, Principal | Strategic Consulting Practice

We’re using RAI Stone Analytics as part of a proactive strategy to help the companies in our area see what they have to work on at the front end. It just doesn’t make sense to commit our resources, time, and go after additional investment from angels and venture capitalists and bankers if the expectations aren’t realistic or the industry won’t support the business. Running the diagnostic first has really helped my staff time. The results make it very clear if something has opportunity in our region or not. Also, it’s not enough to hear that a bank is rejecting their loan application. The principals want to know why, and bankers aren’t the best at that. The report explains the reasons and also suggests improvements so their next loan application is likely to succeed. I’ll continue to use RAI Stone Analytics as we build the region’s economic vitality.

Charlie, President | Chippewa County EDC

A lot of my competitors offer accounting services to their clients. Accountants are historians. They can’t tell you anything that you don’t already know. I’m looking for something unique; something to set me apart in this commoditized world. I wanted to give them something else. I wanted to show that I was going to bring value beyond their normal expectations. I wanted to show business owners that I care. I decided it had to be a unique tool, presented in a unique way. It had to be valuable and useful to my clients but not offered by any of my competition. I needed that competitive edge. They were highly professional, organized, super-credible… I knew right away that this was something that was going to impress my clients. With RAI Stone Analytics, businesses can project— with accuracy— the impact of future decisions from a bird’s eye point of view. With RAI Stone, I am able to increase my sales with a product that supports the people I really care about- my clients. It truly is a win-win.

David | Financial Alternatives

This was a great exercise! We were cutting in the wrong areas until RAI Stone Analytics showed where we needed to cut. After only 90 day we saw a very perceptible increase in profitability. The most impactful consultant I've ever worked with. Very cool process. It gave me confidence in my decisions about the future. I would strongly recommend this to any other small business owners.


I wish we had done RAI Stone Analytics 2 years ago at the first sign that the market was changing as they found things we were not aware of. It would have made a difference. You can’t fix something fast enough when the tide turns.

Brent, Owner | Silk Tree Manufacturer

As a small businessman, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations. You know what’s in your bank accounts, but you don’t always step back and analyze the significance of the numbers. To me, the RAI Stone Analytics “what if” scenarios and projections were extremely helpful – that’s what you never have time to do.

Owner | Electric Supply House

My experience with the RAI Stone Group was excellent. My consultant was very helpful, thorough and prompt. More importantly my client was very impressed with the final report and the format. The client was able to see clearly where their operation was financially and the report reinforced the recommendations that I had made as a consultant, which we are implementing now. I definitely will be using them again.

Gus, President | Consulting Insurance Group

RAI Stone Analytics clarified every gray area. I could instantly see that hiring a salesperson was a logical idea, which means that I can focus on what I do best-business operations. It’s so sad to see… I watch businesses start off really well, with a lot of promise. Then they try to grow and take the wrong paths and go belly-up within a few years. I KNOW they can benefit from this. I just tell them, hey- growth is great. But if you want to take the right steps, talk to RAI Stone.

Rolando | Advanced Staffing Solutions

Using RAI Stone Analytics was a wonderful experience, and it truly answers all of your concerns and questions. It’s a great opportunity to see your finances in a new light.

Lorenzo | Salsa a la Salsa

RAI Stone Analytics® provides the best value I’ve seen so far. It can help you verify the direction you’re going or make clear if you need to think about another direction. It replaces a boutique CPA analysis—at a tenth of the cost or less.

CEO | Electronics Manufacturing Firm

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